IQdigit Characteristics

Operational Characteristics
Individual login accounts
Every individual gets a login account to access the system. Based on rights and privileges assigned to the individual
the information is displayed and activities can be performed. This helps in keeping a track of who is performing what
in the system, and thus nothing gets unnoticed. Teachers can login and work with assigned classes. They can check
their notices, activities they performed previously as well as the course structure. Parents can login and view any
information of their ward, any special notes from teacher, course calendar, results etc. Management is able to view
detailed reports, requests from teachers or parents etc. Therefore, every person is identified separately.
High-end security & privacy
We give data security and privacy the highest importance. Security is implemented across all layers. Users can only
log in if he/she has permissions for each request to the system and authorization is performed. Data is encrypted
and stored in highly secured servers and is available only to those who have permissions. Moreover, each
transaction that happens with the system at any layer is logged. Useful patterns may be extracted from the logs in
the future, to help improve the features and overall performance of the system

Data storage, backup & restore
We take complete responsibility of the data storage, backup and restore. The Cloud Computing Solution takes care
of keeping the System up-to-date and available for 24X7. Remote backup and restore tools are also available to the
user who wish to migrate data to other service provider.
Management tools
The Cloud Computing Solution provides necessary IT infrastructure for carrying out different processes, tasks,
interactions and workflows between all these entities involved in an education system more efficiently as described
in following sections. This set of tool is responsible for automating all the management and administration activities
at the Institute levels. This will help reduce paper work and manual activities. It will increase the overall efficiency by
streamlining the processes.
Academic institution setup
Institute or trusts have a facility to add and setup an academic institution in the system.
Student attendance system
Taking attendance and maintaining records is one of the most tedious but important tasks. The records at present
are in raw format and do not provide great insights. This module of the System helps to reduce attendance taking
time, eliminates paper registers costs and provides great insights by turning the attendance records into
information. User can find out which students are attending the classes regularly and who are not. This gives user
the power to analyze gaps and fill them quickly. Because this information is centrally maintained, user can directly
add it to report cards as well. Also, parents can see information of their wards attendance online on a day-to-day
basis and stay informed about his/her progress. Simple SMS based attendance update system can be used wherein
the teacher sends SMS to the System with the roll numbers of the absentees only and the parents of the absentees
get notified about the absence of their wards from the classes.
Examinations results process management
The academic institution management and Institute gets the power to find out students who are performing
consistently well and who are not, teachers that are effective and helps in keeping track of Institutes performance so
as to take timely decisions to stay on top. Parents can quickly check on results and analyze their wards performance.
Students periodic performance review system
The System provides facility to teachers to upload and publish various assignments, tutorials, unit tests, etc. during
the academic session for students to solve and submit, either online or offline within the stipulated time. The
teachers can evaluate them offline or online and enter the grades or marks directly into the System. Thus the System
provides a facility for continuous evaluation, review and analysis of the performance of students on periodic basis
that help in preparing students for state level and higher examinations. The System allows teachers to define and
assign different tasks or activities to specific students anytime so as to help them improve their performance and
bring them in par with others. The System allows teachers to enter their remarks and performance diaries on
student’s so that parents can access and review.
Fees & funds management
The System handles the complicated process of student fees and funds management. It provides interface for
students to view their outstanding dues. It also allows students to receive scholarships. The System provides quick

access to the institution management to the fees paid and grants received, the defaulters list, day-books and
individual accounts. The system can be configured for automatic reminders to the defaulters about their pending
dues. Institute can get quick access to total amount of funds that has been granted by it to the institution and the
amount collected through fees by the institution. It can monitor the financial activity through the System, if
All stakeholders in the system will be able to collaborate with each other. There are various ways in which they will
be able to collaborate and share information. The collaboration tools can also be configured to some extent as per
the requirements of the Institute.
Integrated SMS
SMS helps in having increased interaction with parents and Institutes. Mobile phone is a common entity these days.
System can send automated SMS to parents if a student is absent. Institutes can send SMS to parents through the
system on various occasions like parent-teacher meeting, when results are published, emergency holidays, festivals,
important announcements etc. Institute can send messages to Institute administration for quick reference.
Integrated Internal Messaging System
Just like SMS, internal messages can be sent to all stakeholders to convey important official announcements and
Institute can issue notices, memos, orders etc. and Institutes or individuals can check them online. All such items
become a note in the System and it becomes easier for an individual to know what information has been issued