Benefits of IQdigit

Reporting and Analysis
In the age of increased accountability, Institutes face intense pressure to document student learning and
demonstrate improvement. Parents want concrete evidence to demonstrate the improvement of their wards
performance. Accrediting bodies are requiring more evidence of continuous improvement against standards. An
ideal solution would give you the tools you need to measure learning, analyse and report on real data and manage
IQdigit reporting system provides you quick and easy access to student performance data that is critical to analyse
performance see the ‘big picture’. With a big picture view of individual student performance, teachers and parents
are better able to identify the areas of strength and areas of concern and take the appropriate preventative actions
to ensure each student is performing to the best of their abilities.

ü Get clear reports on academic and administrative parameters
ü Make data driven decisions on a user friendly platform
ü Give the students a clear challenge to improve and measure their success
ü Gain a competitive edge over other Institutes
Involving Parents
When parents become engaged, students become more active participants in the educational process, which helps
mitigate problems, enhance better study habits, and improve the overall Institute to home atmosphere – all of
which are key factors in academic success.
IQdigit parent portal provides parents with the simplest and quickest means to monitor their children, enabling
parents to access the real-time information that gives them a clear picture about the academic strengths and
weaknesses of their kids.
IQdigit parent portal is designed and automated in such a way that all the required information is delivered
automatically to the mobile phones of parents through text messages (SMS) and E-mails. This enables parents to
participate in their kid’s progress on a regular basis by interacting with the faculty and ensuring that the frail areas
are attended at the earliest.
ü Parents involvement in their child’s progress on a regular basis
ü Helps students to be responsible for their own learning
ü Offers effective communication between Teachers and Parents
ü User-friendly interface and is extremely simple to use
ü Gain a Competitive Edge: Differentiate yourself in the market
ü Improve Learner Achievement: Maximize student ratio and organizational success at all stages
Enhanced Communication
IQdigit gives you the power to reach people with important, time-sensitive information and enable you to reach all
your students in minutes via SMS text messaging, e-mail, internal messaging and more. IQdigit is a web-based tool
enabling all stakeholders to access information via internet anytime anywhere thus multiplying the ease of
connectivity by many folds.
Data Storage Procedure
Data storage in the old and unorganized formats like registers, excel sheets etc. is very labour intensive and causes a
lot of confusion, there is always a possibility of loss of data due to system crashes and loss of registers, hard copies
etc. All this can be avoided by using the right storage procedure.
IQdigit enables you to save the data of the entire institution in one single database and consolidate all this
information on a single centralized server enabling you to keep the data safe and secure. By using IQdigit you can
reduce the meticulous labour intensive work and enhance the overall productivity of the institution.

Cost Benefits
We are now in an age of tight budgets and reducing overheads. Gone are the days when one could run large labour
intensive systems and hope to deliver substantial results. IQdigit is an ERP solution, which helps you get the best
results from existing processes. As it is a web-based application, it can be accessed from anywhere and you can
effectively manage your workforce to increase productivity.
ü Little or no capital investment to get started
ü Very High return on investment, increases year-by year
ü Eliminates 80% of the paper work
ü No extra administrative overhead for maintenance of IQdigit
ü Cut downs unnecessary and extra manpower resources
ü Saves lot of time for each and every stakeholder(Administration, Staff, Students, Parents)(Effective
utilization of Time = More Productivity)
ü Streamlines the entire operations and functions thus increasing the overall productivity and efficiency (More
Productivity=More value to your Money)
ü Enhances the brand value of your institution thus resulting in higher enrolment of students
Create a World Class Learning Environment
Every institution boasts of excellent educational material but now students are searching for answers on the internet
before venturing into libraries. E-learning is still in its nascent stages in India but with IQdigit you can help your
students use the internet to their benefit. Wouldn’t you like to use this tool for your students benefit? We have
worked to make IQdigit completely learning oriented for students and have incorporated features which support
them in their studies.
ü A repository where notes, test papers and study material can be stored