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This proposal from IQwing will provide a cloud based IQdigit App solution for efficient management of the Institute, which would aid all the stakeholders of the academic institutions and the Institute.

We propose that the Institute migrate its existing system to IQdigit App for the benefits listed below.

IQdigit comes with the complete set of modules necessary to ensure that the systems and processes are optimized and efficiently used.

IQdigit team will work with the Institute management to work out a detailed project plan and also plan the migration to IQdigit system with minimal disruption to the Institute.

This proposal will explain them in detail subsequently.


ERP: Manages operations & processes of an institution with efficiency & effectiveness.

LMS: Learning Management System, a platform to create digital content by teachers for students along with periodic assignments & assessments.

LIVE CLASS: An interactive virtual class room where students a teachers can interact live with webcams, videos, audio , presentations, digital whiteboard, chats, notes & polls.

About Company

Establishment of the Company

Many inventions and innovations are inspired of Nature. The more you are closer to the nature, more you are inclined to the innovations. Great solutions need great minds & Peace nourishes great minds. Believing in this idea, young couple having work experience of decades in Information Technology, decided to setup an IT Company in Himachal Pradesh (India). Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful and peaceful place situated in the lower range of Himalayas. The state is totally free of huge hustle and bustle of metro cities. Rajesh Pundeer (Founder) & Omja Thakur (Co-Founder) setup a state of art office in Hamipur , Himachal Pradesh (India) as Head Office of IQwing EduInfotech Pvt Ltd. IQwing EduInfotech Private Limited get incorporated with Registrar of Companies (ROC) on 5-May-2016 and become a legal entity as per the Indian Companies Act 1956.