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IQwing will provide a cloud based IQdigit App solution for efficient management of the Institute, which would aid all the stakeholders of the academic institutions and the Institute.
We propose that the Institute migrate its existing system to IQdigit App for the benefits listed below.
IQdigit comes with the complete set of modules necessary to ensure that the systems and processes are optimized and efficiently used.
IQdigit team will work with the Institute management to work out a detailed project plan and also plan the migration to IQdigit system with minimal disruption to the Institute.


ERP: Manages operations & processes of an institution with efficiency & effectiveness.
LMS: Learning Management System, a platform to create digital content by teachers for students along with periodic assignments & assessments
LIVE CLASS: An interactive virtual class room where students a teachers can interact live with webcams, videos, audio , presentations, digital whiteboard, chats, notes & polls.